In need of colour…

For she is mad but she’s magic…. 



Breathe again…

Writing here on this page has always been therapeutic but somehow I find myself absent for a very long time to then again come back to my passion and post my thoughts, worries and share them with u…those who read my blog 🙂

Therefore…without going into much detail about my absence…here it goes…I’m BACK and I’ve missed u loads!!!


_NIK9003copy 😉

How to add a modern twist to your home

For a while now I have been searching for some great ideas to give a colourful, modern and fun pop to my room, but all I have stumbled across just didn’t seem to click with my personality and desires. I’m more a romantic with an edge kind of person and that shows up in every aspect of my life, especially when it comes to art and design.

So in my frantic search for some crazy but yet soft design idea I stumbled across a totally new, very edgy designer, who blew me out of the water and inspired me big time, giving me new start lines in my desire to decorate my room.

I’m going to let you all see if you like this innovative idea and maybe want to try it in your homes, who knows 🙂

If you love everything that screams modern, colours and design, you’re gonna love this too! So enjoy!

Button and Pin Art

Image“Two love trees” by Ran Hwang

ImageIt’s a very easy and affordable design idea, plus you can play with different images and colours that you like.

It’s a definitely “Do It Yourself” kind of idea that anyone can implement and enjoy the after effect of it on your guests!


“Dreaming of Joy” by Ran Hwang