I’ve been playing recently with one of my older project and this is the end result. I kind of struggled at first but I hope you’ll enjoy the result. It’s part of my architectural projects and it was all done from scratch, idea also 😀

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Architecture again

Haven’t posted in a while and frankly, I’ve missed it. Lots of reasons to it but I don’t wanna go into all of that now )))

Anyway… for those of u who have been following my little blog and those who are fairly new to my posts, u probably know that I study architecture and that it takes a huge amount of my free time ))), but I didn’t post any of my latest projects here and to be fair, I don’t know why )))

Therefore, today I’ve decided to share with you one of my latest projects that I did and hope u come to enjoy it and leave your thoughts about it here.

It’s a residential complex (more like a conceptual one) which didn’t take that much time to model but sure as hell took a whole lot time to develop. This is the final presentation and it contains all the views, elevations, master plan etc.



Living room

As you all know, I’m always busy with uni and the projects I do for it take up most of my time…therefore very little of it is left for fun and for my blog, but since it’s summer (well…almost gone, but still…) I have more spare time left for me and my different hobbies 🙂 YAY!!!

And even though I’m happy now and carefree, I still miss my work sometimes…I know…very strange )))))))))

So today, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you part of my uni project that I did back in spring for my interior design lessons 🙂

It’s an apartment that embraces eclectic style and I’m going to show you parts of it throughout this whole week 🙂

And of course, today we begin with the Living Room…Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of it, so I can take into consideration your opinion for my future projects 🙂


Sea mist

As a lot of u know, I looooove DIY projects, they get me very excited and full of inspiration. I haven’t done one in a very long time and started missing it, so yesterday I thought it’s time to get to work and this is what i came up with 🙂 It’s a bracelet, fun one and edgy, could compliment lots of outfits and it took very little time to do it 🙂 Hope u enjoy it and give it a try if u want to 🙂



Complete freedom of speech

For some time now I’ve been facing a bit of a writing blockage, let’s call it that way (though I’m not a professional writer and don’t even claim to be one) and I kinda felt bad that I’m not uploading any posts on the blog but…(and there’s a huge BUT here)…today I stumbled across a very common problem for the modern human society (if u wanna call it that way) and that is “complete freedom of speech”…

Wait…just wait for it…I know what u must be thinking…but just let me explain…

In no way do I wanna state that people should be banned from expressing their own thoughts in a free manner…NO, just the opposite: we, as a modern society which embraces democracy have the right, no, let me rephrase that…we owe it to ourselves and not only, to speak up and say out loud the things we’re probably most afraid off…it’s just that I believe that we should find a way to balance the impact that our thoughts have on our audience…

There are approximately 7 billion people in the world (if we believe our beloved Internet :D) and every single one of them is a complete and utter personality, very different from one another; weird and brilliant in their own way, so it comes in no surprise that the way we perceive our world as a whole and its inhabitants is different as well…

Lately, modern society feeds us a lot of media crap that tells us to be carefree, accept ourselves the way we are, don’t worry about what people might think of us and just simply act how we goddamn please, but the truth is that we still live in this society, abide by its own rules and no matter how much we want to show our independence, we’re still a part of this huge conglomerate, called: WORLD…Therefore moral rules MUST be accepted and I’m not talking here only about the most common ones, like: don’t smoke in a public place, don’t disrespect people and so on and so forth…no, I’m talking about that “complete freedom of speech” I was referring earlier in the beginning of this post…

Today I was faced with a very shallow (if I could call it that) type of post, in which people just write for the sake of writing or for the number of increased views in the stats column of their own blog… basically the person was addressing the phenomena of depression and the way it should be looked at…, not as a condition that needs help (from professionals, relatives, beloved ones) but more like a complete joke from which people should draw inspiration or as the author states: “Play with pain…” what blew my mind and made me write my own thoughts on it was the response it got from people (most of them who have dealt or are dealing with severe depression)…and in one way or another they find a very strange and almost masochist comfort in their own condition…L and that is mostly due to the encouragement they get from that author’s post, who is saying: “Hey, it’s ok…Depression is a good thing…it gives u inspiration, leads u to majestic actions, don’t try to overcome it, don’t seek help…”

And I got this huge feeling of utter rage and anger towards the author, because in the end, all that it comes to is an influenceable audience consisting of people who are already suffering that gets encouragement to continue ignoring their condition (one that might have terrible results) and a so-called writer who posts ideas that haven’t actually been thoroughly polished or even thought about because he has “complete freedom of speech” and nobody can take it from him…not legally anyway.

If we think about it…a democracy in which everyone has the right to say, write what they want to, no matter how insane or ill it may be for the whole society and the laws in general, without it being polished somehow, becomes almost like an anarchy: people do whatever they please, insult whoever they want and impose this behavior to more susceptible people just because they have this  ”complete freedom of speech” and no one can take it from them…

So I guess what I want to say here is that “complete freedom of speech” is just a notion we want to exist in order to assure us that we’re independent, strong and oblivious to what happens around us…but what modern human society lacks is the percentage of people who fully understand this term and the consequences it leads to…

Every thought we have and every word we say out loud has an impact (profound one) on any of those 7 billion people who are out there in the world…and remembering that our different way of perceiving reality is the means on which a healthy society is built, we obtain the key to understanding that sometimes, “complete freedom of speech” should be deprived of its very own freedom and adjusted in a more human way…

Love u all and hope u understood my message 🙂



I haven’t done any posts with jewellery for quite a while now, so I decided I would finally do one and show you my latest projects I’ve worked on. I don’t have loads of them since I’m busy with university and most of my attention goes to my uni projects, scale models and renders :D, but I still find time now and then for my hobby 🙂

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think:)






I’ve been soooo busy for the past 2 weeks, sleeping just 2 hours a night, no time for anything…no friends (they’re probably very upset with me), no proper eating…no nothing, but today I finally finished this project, handed it in and I decided I would share with you the result of my huge work. This is a scale model of a residential house with 5 floors designed for the really unique and design seeking people out there  Hope you like it and stay with me in my future posts 🙂