In need of colour…

For she is mad but she’s magic…. 



Breathe again…

Writing here on this page has always been therapeutic but somehow I find myself absent for a very long time to then again come back to my passion and post my thoughts, worries and share them with u…those who read my blog 🙂

Therefore…without going into much detail about my absence…here it goes…I’m BACK and I’ve missed u loads!!!


_NIK9003copy 😉

In love with the camera

I have set a new goal… (ages ago actually :D), but I simply was too scared to do anything about it and I wasn’t quite sure if I could do it…BUT as I said in my first july post, I’m ready to overcome whatever demons lie within my twisted and complicated head ))))

Looking at some amazing photography blogs yesterday got me freaking excited and nostalgic at the same time…those people r incredibly talented and full of amazing ideas, it’s like they bring the camera to life and it got me thinking about my past wish…and that is to learn more about the world of photographs and how they become almost alive…

Therefore…I promised myself that I’m going to do my best at achieving this goal and since practice is the best medicine out there, here it is…my little attempt at photography art 😀 (don’t judge too harsh though )))))))))))

Lots of love, C…

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