I missed you, hence two posts in one day 🙂




Trust…Such a simple word one might think and yet so difficult to gain…and even harder to regain…

I’m that kind of person who likes to believe that people are good, that they have good intentions and positive emotions and I always try to return the favour.

Today I learned the truth the hard way, even in a horrible way I could say. Never have I felt such dissapointment and betrayal in our human kind…People we put our hopes in betray us and don’t even think twice, because the only thing that counts is them, no matter at what cost…

…the wounds left behind betrayal are the heaviest of all and their scars linger on forever, no matter how much we would want them to go away…

Love each other…but most of all be true to yourselves…never let yourself become the scar that never fades away…



This new necklace, for the most part is exactly like me, one moment black and the other one white. I’m versatile, romantic, loving but all of it changes when my feelings get hurt…Today is one of the days when I’m confused and don’t know which side of me must win and take over – the white or the black one…It feels like neither is the right choice: white makes me way to sad and helpless and black drags me towards unwanted thoughts and decisions…

Carrying all this luggage makes want to escape and not have to deal with the pressure of making the right decision. So, I decided I would put all of these thoughts at work and try to make something beautiful out of them. This is what I came up with and I hope you don’t judge too harsh 🙂

Love you all!



October gold

This month is hectic, so many things to do and so little time for it. Uni’s busy as always, exams are due soon and I’m almost in panic, but I keep telling myself it’s gonna be ok and I’ll finish everything in time as always 🙂 To top it all up, my social life is almost nonexistent and loads of deceptions coming from the most unexpected people.

My only escape is in my little hobby and whenever  I have a spare moment I try to make something my imagination craves for. Today, after struggling with AutoCAD and finishing my homework for monday, I decided I would quickly make a new necklace. I don’t know what you’ll think of it, but I liked it, mostly because it gave me an escape from my problems and I kind of look at it as something bright and capable of lifting up my spirits.

Hope you enjoy it